Ukrainian Orthodox Church of

the Archangel Michael

Українськa Православнa Церквa

Архистратига Михаїла

721 Simcoe Road, Bradford
Ontario L3Z 4B4 Canada

Tel.: +1 905.551.1651


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Parish Activities

First Confession


Children: If you have a child who is seven or older and has not prepared for his/her First Confession, please contact Fr. Peter (cell: 905.715.0105 or email: to discuss the preparation for your child's First Sacrament of Confession.

Adults: We humbly encouraging those adult orthodox Christians who was baptized and for some or another reason never yet has chance to have Holy Sacrament of Confession to ask our parish priest, Rev. Peter to help them with instruction in preparation for Holy Confession. There are many different obstacles on our path in our spiritual life to live a life as a Christian that practice his or her believes on a every day basis and we hope that those who thinking and planning to get more information about this important Sacrament will be making some practical efforts and we will be there to help and guide you.

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