Ukrainian Orthodox Church of

the Archangel Michael

Українськa Православнa Церквa

Архистратига Михаїла

721 Simcoe Road, Bradford
Ontario L3Z 4B4 Canada

Tel.: +1 905.551.1651


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Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ

It is with heavy hearts that our new year continues to keep us away from our beloved church and fellow parishioners. But this is vital in defeating this pandemic.

We must continue to have faith in our Lord and pray that he keeps us safe. It is important that we follow the rules set out for us by our government and the health professionals to defeat COVID!

In the meantime: we are grateful for Fr. Anhel's continued dedication to providing us with online services and prayers for his faithful.

Let us recognize the efforts that allow UOC St. Michael's to continue with God's work.

A huge thank you also goes out to the brothers who assist Father during weekly services, the choir for supporting Father with their beautiful voices, to the executive members who ensure that protective protocols are followed and for welcoming guests, to our technical support for the live streaming and upkeep of our Facebook and internet pages, to those responsible for the finances and bill paying, to those who clean the church and take care of the candle holders. None of this happens on its own – it is a group effort that is made easier by the incredible parishioners of this church. God Bless you all.

Please join in our LIVE stream services, and we ask that you continue to support us financially so that we can keep this parish alive and well.


Indoor religious services, rites or ceremony gatherings with physical distancing

Participation in Services Only by Appointment!

To attend church please call or text 905. 715. 0105.

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Donate to church

What can be a better gift than to help the church? 

Every dollar is valuable and much appreciated.

Dear Brother and Sisters in Christ

It is with great joy that we announce that our parking lot project is now complete.

We are truly grateful for your generous donations and support of this church project.

UOC of the Archangel St Michael is a small church with a large group of supportive parishioners. Our heartfelt thanks to all who have made this possible. Thank You!!

Father's Day Concert 2020