Renovation Update

     Thanks God we are back to Church! After couple of years having services in our “temporal altar” at the church auditorium we moved back to our church building last year before the Nativity of Christ. It was a blessing and joy for all of us to be back at the Church for Nativity, Theophany and especially for Pascha the Resurrection of Our Lord, God and Savior Jesus Christ! What a joy and blessing to see all the works that was done by our own hands! Thank You O Lord for blessing us and helping us to do the work for all Your earthly and heavenly Glory!

     By this time we did a lot:

 - Stucco renovation of the exterior walls of the church

 - New electrical wiring in church and church auditorium

 - New insulation on the church roof

 - New furnaces in church and church auditorium

 - AC for church

 - New foundation for the church floor and new hard floor

 - Installed a new tiling system and water pumps under the church to keep crawling space under church dry

 - New balcony for church choir

 - New drywalls and sealing in the church

 - New windows in the church

 - New entrance and side doors in church and church auditorium

 - Build a new iconostas and installed on it a new hand painted icons

 - Installed new hand painted icons throughout the church

 - New hand maid chandelier from Greece

 - Build a new memorial candleholder table, Golgotha Crucifixion and more

 - New Brass Candleholders and more

     If God bless us we would like to do next things:

 - To finish in the church all the decoration work on the wood and painting (ornaments) on sealing and walls

 - To finish installation of all hand painted icons in the Holy Altar

 - To build a new Altar and Oblation Tables

 - Construct and place a new dome on the church

 - Install a new roof (with the dome)

 - To install on the parking lot underground pipes to collect rain/melting snow water

 - To put a new asphalt on parking lot

 - Build Entrance Gates with proper signs on it

 - Add/build the new entrance/vestibule with another dome on top where we planning to have church bells

 - And some other things as well