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Announcement | Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Archangel Michael


Dear beloved brother and sisters! Glory be to Jesus Christ!

Parish members of the Archangel Michael church, humbly appeals to all members of the UOCC, Ukrainian and financial organization and to all concerned people of the good will to help financially our parish to complete all renovation projects in our church and hall as well as for our church yard!

Our parish that was organized about 60 years ago (practically all this time never has full time priest and was always receiving spiritual support from Greater Toronto Area parishes), overcome its full closer (about 20 years ago) and was put on sale. By the Divine Providence of God with full support of the (at that time) Archbishop of Toronto and Eastern Eparchy Yurij and Parish Executive of the St. Volodymyr Cathedral in Toronto, our parish experience its “resurrection” thanks to the new wave of immigrants from Ukraine who started their settling in Bradford and surrounding area and asked Consistory and Archbishop Yurij to let them try to re-establish parochial life in our church. Thanks God this effort was successful and today our parish has for over 7 years now a full time priest, full time choir director, and dedicated church choir members, readers, altar boys, ladies that regularly baked prosfora for our church services and for people, Sunday school instructors, two church treasurers, church sisterhood that regularly make and sell perogies and cabbage rolls. We have service on all Sundays, feasts and holydays.

During last seven years we baptised 80 children and adults and these numbers are growing every year. We have dedicated members and supporters who as we hope will eventually become the members of the UOCC parishes and to achieve this goal we holding on the regular bases lectures, bible studies and talks on different spiritual subjects. We are blessed with joy to see in our church new people or families practically every Sunday who coming to find out more about us and Thanks God many of them now coming on the regular bases.

Despite all our successes and all the hope that we have in Christ our Lord, our parish was forced to start a major renovation because our buildings was effected with parish closer and property was neglected for some time and that lead to many problems.

For this time we were able to do: 1) stucco renovation of the exterior walls of the church, 2) new electrical wiring in church and hall, 3) new insulation on the roof, 4) new furnaces in church and hall, 5) AC for church, 6) new foundation for the church floor and new floor, 7) build a new tiling system and sun pips under the church, 8) build a new balcony for church choir, 9) new drywalls and sealing in church, 10) new church windows, 11) new entrance and side doors for church and hall, 12) build new iconostas and installed all new icon, 13) new icons on the church walls and sealing, 14) new chandelier, candleholders, memorial table, Golgotha Cross and other.

In our church hall we build new rooms for Sunday school and church office and build new foundation for the floor.

Ahead of as more work that need to be done for church and hall as well as for our church yard. We planning to constructed a big beautiful dome on our church and to install new roof that will transform our church building to be the most beautiful and recognisable church in our town. We hope to build a new church vestibule with another dome on top with church bells.

Because our church located on so called Holland Marshes we experience every spring and during have rains water over flowing problems and to deal with that problem and to preserve our building for many years to come we need to build water underground service pipes and to put asphalt for parking and also to build a new church gates with proper signs on it and more.

All these projects understandably require a lot of funds and we humbly asking, if it all possible, for your financial support. We must stress that practically all the work that was done we did it ourselves, including all new beautiful icons that was painted and are still painted by our parishioners (we are blessed to have two of them, one of which are 77 years old artist from Ukraine, who immigrated to Canada about 40 years ago).

Our beloved UOCC will be soon celebrating 100th anniversary and we hoping that we will be able next summer invited our Metropolitan and clergy as well as our benefactors and all people to participate in the Order of the Consecration of the New Church but to be able to accomplish that we will require help of many people who will be willing to support our parish financially.

Dear beloved brother and sisters we are humbly asking you to help us to accomplish all our renovation projects and we hope that at the time when we witnessing churches are closing their doors for ever let us together keep the doors of the church of the Archangel Michael in Bradford to be open for many years.

All donors will be able to get their income tax receipts and we will be always praying in our church mentioning all the names of those who help us and support our parish.

For additional information please contact our parish priest, fr. Petro Anhel: ph. 905-715-0105 email or visit our website to see pictures or videos on

Our mailing address is: 721 Simcoe Road, Bradford, Ontario L3Z 4B4

Thank You for you support and understanding! Please keep our parish in your holy prayers! Thank You!